Grant Thornton


Huddle helps Britain's brightest and best achieve their growth potential

Grant Thornton UK LLP, the leading business and financial adviser, is using the cloud to support delivery of the £200 million GrowthAccelerator service, set up to help Britain’s brightest businesses achieve their growth potential. Using Huddle, Grant Thornton is able to share and work on valuable content with partner organisations nationwide, supporting thousands of ambitious SMEs across England.

Spearheaded by Grant Thornton and part funded by the Department for Business Innovation and Skills, the GrowthAccelerator service is a partnership between the government and private sector to help companies with the potential for rapid and sustainable growth. In total, £200 million has been invested into the programme to help tens of thousands of businesses realise their potential, achieve rapid and sustainable growth and subsequently boost the UK economy.

Working with a geographically dispersed team and a number of delivery partners, Grant Thornton needed a platform that would enable its team to deliver consistent communications across the programme. Using Huddle, Grant Thornton created a central, secure online environment that enabled each of the partners involved in the project to access the content they required. With an authoritative source of documents and a clear audit trail of approvals, everyone involved in the service can now be sure that they are accessing the right version of a document at all times. There are now hundreds of people using Huddle across the partner organisations including Winning Pitch, Oxford Innovation and Pera. In the future, Grant Thornton plans to roll out Huddle to thousands of clients nationwide.

“Huddle has enabled us to simplify a project that could have potentially been very complicated,” said Simon Littlewood, Head of Business Growth Services, Grant Thornton. “Working with such a large team, it was essential that we had one shared platform to provide a single reference point for everyone. We needed to make sure communications were consistent across the whole service. Following the success of this project, we want to increase our use of Huddle, bringing collaboration to the forefront and reducing inbox overload.”

Working with a number of partner organisations and business coaches, Grant Thornton not only needed a secure cloud-based platform, enabling teams to work together across the firewall, it also required granular security measures. With the ability to set the security controls and permissions for each workspace and individual user, Grant Thornton could be safe in the knowledge that its data was stored on a secure platform and only those permitted to see certain documents had access.

“Grant Thornton is a great example of how businesses are making the leap to the cloud to share knowledge and work effectively on content with their entire business ecosystem,” said Alastair Mitchell, CEO and co-founder of Huddle. “GrowthAccelerator provides organisations with a unique opportunity to work with some of the best business minds in the country. In fact, it was access to a government finance scheme – an early version of GrowthAccelerator – that gave us the grounding in how venture capital and this type of investment worked, so it’s great to see this project come to life on Huddle. Using the platform, Grant Thornton’s teams can now ‘huddle’ together and provide partners across the country with access to the information they need.”