Government of Greenland


With a population of 56,648 distributed across 2,175,600 km2 and many municipalities, it is essential that the Government of Greenland can communicate easily across the whole region. The Government of Greenland wanted a tool that would boost collaboration across the region, providing internal departments with an effective project and content management platform, and giving each of the four municipalities in Greenland, as well as many public companies, access to the documentation required.

“Before Huddle, we had a simple internal project management tool in place, but it didn’t provide the sophisticated functionality we were looking for or allow external organisations to access the documents they needed,” explains Peter Arevad. “Rolling out any projects – internal or nationwide – requires constant communication so we needed a more effective, secure tool that could keep everyone up to date, every step of the way.”

Working with numerous external organisations, including suppliers and consultant firms, the Government of Greenland needed a system that would provide everyone involved in a project with easy, central access to information.

“With so many external parties collaborating together on projects, we needed a web based portal that anyone could access from any device. Moving to the cloud would not only enable people to work on documents securely and simultaneously, regardless of time and place, but also provide us with the business continuity and disaster recovery bonus of having everything backed up in the cloud,” continues Arevad.

We were looking for a platform that would eliminate all other tools, including email and could integrate with all office products. We wanted something tried and tested by other governmental organisations that would work straight out of the box. Following our extensive market research, it was clear that Huddle provided the best results and value for money for what we were looking for,” said Arevad.

With Huddle, the Government has an online portal for all the departments and organisations they work with. They can set up new workspaces and add new users as and when needed. Now it is easy to see which is the latest version of any file and document, as well as who edited it and when. This is essential when working with a large number of organisations as many man hours can be lost chasing up people for files and updates.

With Huddle’s content collaboration platform, the Government of Greenland can balance all their collaborative needs with the high levels of security required for a government organisation.

As Huddle works across the firewall, external organisations can access the workspaces from any device at any time, as long as they have the right level of permission. This means that the government can control who can access what content and when, which is essential for maintaining the high levels of security vital in the public sector.

As with any public sector organisation, the Government of Greenland wanted to make the most out of its budget, removing unnecessary charges and streamlining costs. By using Huddle, the organization was up and running straight away, without any training or on-going IT support.