Huddle’s team-based permissions allow ChelseaGroup to closely control which content is accessible, and maintain a time-stamped audit log of activity around its content. 



Employing more than 8,000 people, ChelseaGroup comprises a diverse group of companies which provide private security and risk management services across land, sea and air to an array of sectors in 43 different countries including Sierra Leone, Afghanistan and Mozambique.



Streamlining operational procedures and policies without a centralized platform

Information shared between regional offices is often highly sensitive, and concerns operational procedures and policies regarding the location of employees, the status of vehicles, actions to take in the event of an attack, and data reports.

Prior to using Huddle, the company was reliant on disparate IT systems, such as Microsoft SharePoint, email and personal file sharing apps such as DropBox when sharing documentation with its employees, putting information at risk.  As such, it had become increasingly difficult to coordinate activity across the group as employees in different locations were unable to access the files they needed due to email, IT and even connectivity restrictions. The inability to centrally access, and control important files also resulted in duplication of effort, with employees working on multiple copies of the same document.



Increased transparency through a secure cloud-based collaboration platform

Driven by a request to increase transparency and maintain compliance standards across its regional offices, ChelseaGroup searched for a secure, cloud-collaboration platform to share sensitive information with its teams. The company chose Huddle due to its ease of use and intuitive interface, enabling staff to quickly disseminate information about operational procedures and processes with teams in a secure and controlled way. Staff across its network of offices were able to deploy Huddle easily without having to rely on IT training or support. 

Keeping stakeholders connected

Huddle’s cloud-based collaboration platform allows users to create secure Workspaces in minutes. In these Workspaces, regional teams across its 43 offices can work together securely; accessing important files, uploading and editing new content, and managing tasks and approvals.

As well as this, Huddle’s automatic version control means that everyone always has access to the most up to date version of the file.

Helping the service to adhere to compliance standards

Head Office now has full visibility into who has access to what documentation, and Workspace Managers can easily change user permissions if a member of the team leaves the organization. There’s also the benefit of Huddle’s audit trail, with all activity in the Workspace being time-stamped and recorded to help adhere to strict governance and compliance standards.

As a result, Head Office employees in Cyprus have been able to standardize documentation around its operational procedures and processes across its regional network offices and have been able to put forward its offices for compliance accreditations such as ISO 27001. This has streamlined the way tasks are carried out and has also enabled managers to be able to have increased transparency around how tasks are progressing.

Working on documents is simple in Huddle 

It’s easy for teams across its many regional offices to edit, view, add comments and request feedback on open documents in Huddle, and benefit from its integration with Microsoft Office Online – allowing teams to easily co‐edit content. As well as this, Huddle’s automatic version control means that everyone always has access to the most up to date version of the file.

Maintaining an audit trail of activity around sensitive content

Much of the project documentation is highly sensitive; so, Huddle’s team-based permissions allow ChelseaGroup to closely control which content is accessible, and maintain a time-stamped audit log of activity around its content. This has enabled the organisation to work quickly, and with confidence,  giving regional managers and those in Head Office a greater transparency into projects are progressing.



Knowledge sharing across the company

The ChelseaGroup team is revolutionizing how information is shared across its regional offices, improving security around sensitive information, and creating a more collaborative and efficient culture around project management. As a result, the company has been able to achieve ISO 27001 accreditations across its regional offices as all information pertaining to management procedures and processes are stored in Huddle. It has also enabled teams and to better collaborate on tenders and projects across its network of offices. 

Improved productivity and operational efficiencies

Reducing lengthy email discussions, eliminating duplication of effort, streamlining how teams collate documentation, and cutting down on the use of physical paperwork - all of these factors have helped the ChelseaGroup team to improve operational efficiency, keep sensitive content secure and ensure its regulatory and governance requirements are being met.