Introducing Huddle for Microsoft Power Automate

17 December 2019 image

Today, there seems to be a workplace app for just about anything - from your CRM and Content Management Services, to your enterprise messaging and e-signature apps.  

But for all of that flexibility, perhaps you’ve found yourself getting increasingly frustrated having to manually jump between Huddle and these apps as part of your workflow.  

Today we’re changing all of that that with the availability of Huddle Connectors for Microsoft Power Automate. 

What is Microsoft Power Automate? 

Microsoft Power Automate is an efficient and easy way of connecting your apps to automate tasks and workflows. It’s as simple as choosing a “trigger” (an event that takes place in Huddle, or your other apps), and deciding what action you want to take next. You can even build multi-step flows. 

Microsoft Power Automate makes Huddle even more powerful! 

For example, how about automatically creating a new Slack or Microsoft Teams channel when a new Huddle Workspace is created; and then pushing notifications to those channels when a new file is added to Huddle, or a task completed?  

Triggers don’t even have to come from Huddle. For example, you could create a workflow that updates a Huddle Task when an action in another app has taken place.  

Or perhaps you want an easier way of surfacing content to your clients through Huddle? Simple. Just build a workflow to pull files from your internal-only Content Management System like SharePoint, or even your Teams Channel, and add them to the relevant Huddle Workspace.  

You get the idea!  

Build your own automations, or start with one of our templates 

Microsoft has made it simple to get started and build your own automations and workflows (or you could get started with one of our existing, ready-to-use templates), allowing you to create unique experiences that not only improve productivity, but also make it easier for your clients to interact with content and activity in their Huddle Workspace – a simple and effective way to improve their experience!  

How to get started 

Using the Huddle Connector in Microsoft Power Automate is free for Huddle Plus and Huddle Premier users. If you already have an O365 license through your organization you can get started immediately, you just need to ask your Huddle account admin to have Power Automate enabled on your Huddle account by logging a support ticket using the button below*.