Better together with Huddle and Slack

15 September 2016 image

It has been said that less is more. In some cases this is true, but there are some times when less is just less. When it comes to collaboration, more collaboration is always better. 

At Huddle we recognize that each team is individual, requiring the right combination of tools to make them most effective. We believe that two of the most fundamental collaboration tools are content management and communication. Case in point: combining Huddle and Slack.

Below we’ve identified the 5 key ways to use Huddle and Slack together to make the most of your investment in both solutions.


  • Use Slack to improve real-time communication across teams, offices and regions and reduce dependency on lengthy email conversations and meetings.


  • Use Huddle to facilitate better collaboration when working on content with teams. Reduce review cycles, ensure content is easy to find and that all collaborators are working on the same, most up-to-date version.


  • Use Huddle tasks and workspaces to manage all manner of projects, providing stakeholders with visibility into project progress and the ability to track outstanding actions.
  • Use Slack to make subject matter experts more available to teams and individuals, regardless of their location, and allow teams to participate in discussions and share collective expertise in real time.


  • Use Huddle to maintain a single, up-to-date version of important documents and files that need to be shared and updated on an on-going basis.
  • Use Huddle to ensure that important or sensitive information can only be accessed by those it’s intended for and never gets lost.


  • Use a combination of Huddle and Slack to improve knowledge sharing across your business. Use Slack for ad-hoc conversations and switch to Huddle for more structured collaboration on projects and content.

From discussions and organization to information protection and sharing, using Huddle and Slack together can improve collaboration across your business. To learn more about some of the applications Huddle integrates with visit Huddle services