Huddle Named Top 10 Cloud Services Provider for US Government

09 January 2019 image

Huddle, the FedRAMP approved cloud collaboration service for Government and Enterprise, today announced that it has been included in Government CIO Outlook Magazine's 2018 list of Top 10 Cloud Consulting & Services Companies for US Government. Selected for inclusion by a panel comprising CEOs, CIOs and the Magazine's editorial board, this achievement re-affirms Huddle's continued commitment to helping U.S. Government Agencies reduce risk and improve security when sharing and managing documents, coordinating multi-agency projects and working with external partners.

.Top 10 US Gov Cloud Provider

Founded in 2006 with a single, clear ambition to help people work better together, Huddle has come a long way in delivering a highly secure, collaborative environment that doesn't compromise user experience. "Unlike other tools such as Microsoft SharePoint, Huddle is incredibly easy to configure and use, while still complying with Government security standards." explained Mark Wrighton, Huddle's CEO. Huddle is well established in US Government, with USAID, NASA, FAA, FRA, DoD, NIST & NIH amongst the ranks of agencies selecting Huddle for their internal, external and multi-agency collaboration needs.

Huddle's recognition of knowledge management and sharing as an important part of any collaboration solution has been a major contributor to its success in US Government. "We're finding that Huddle can have a massive impact on what we call 'collective enterprise knowledge'. That's the knowledge that exists across Government agencies and teams. Much of this knowledge sits untapped in silos across the organization." explained Wrighton. By bringing teams together into a single, secure environment, Huddle can unlock the potential of this knowledge, increasing productivity without compromising on the levels of security expected by Government agencies.

Find out more about Huddle's award in Government CIO Outlook's December 2018 Cloud Special in print and online, and check out the featured article on Huddle here, including an exclusive interview with Huddle's CEO, Mark Wrighton.


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